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Nova Scotians continue to be affected by Lyme disease

May 26th, 2018

Virginia Smith will have to wait before finding out whether she’s the victim of another nasty tick infection.

On two occasions over the past week, the Weymouth farmer discovered a tick-sucking blood from the very spot on her body, just above her right shoulder blade. She heeded all precautions to avoid contact with the parasites both times she ventured outside her home to garden, covering herself neck to toe.

Smith’s relying on doctor-prescribed antibiotics just in case either tick injected her with the bacteria causing Lyme disease. Her doctor’s concerned, she says, telling her he’s treating several people in the area with the disease.

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  1. I am.not a child .but my parents delt with a child with lymes in Annapolis county Nova Scotia .in 1991 .in was getting more and more sick by the day we end up moving to Stroud Ontario .my dr at the medical clinic just finished reading an article about lymes in Maclean magazine .in was sent to Barry General Hospital lots of blood work that was sent to the states for testing . it was confirmed I had lymes and antibiotics started .I to this day have stopped all anti inflammatory meds ect cause it’s to the point nothing helps .I had all my teeth pulled to find out the pain is from nerve damage and no teeth the same pain . . I hope today people get treated sooner not weeks or months later and have a better outcome .

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