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“She looked like a stroke victim”

[CanLyme Note: How is it that physicians are so under-educated and misinformed on this disease after it being here for so many years? The physician said the symptoms were not classic and were too soon!!! When are our College’s of Physicians and Surgeons, including the provincial and the Royal College going to start acting like responsible, ethical institutions. Time for oversight of the medical profession and a reduction in their right to self-police, given to them in good faith they would act responsibly. Instead they police doctors who diagnose and treat Lyme disease appropriately out of business.]

Melanie Schwartz of Bridgewater and her 12 year-old daughter, Alyssa, remember the ordeal with Lyme Disease well. The Grade 6 student at Bridgewater Elementary won a school speech competition recently describing her experience with the disease.

On June 17, 2016, Alyssa noticed a small black spot on her arm.

“Poppy-seed tiny,” is how her mother describes it.

“According to the mother, the physician acknowledged it might be Bell’s Palsy, which she learned is symptomatic of Lyme Disease. But he told her, “‘It could be her age.'”

“He thought it was too soon for her to be presenting any type of symptoms and the ones that were presenting weren’t classic.” But the physician did agree to speak with someone in the hospital’s infectious disease department who advised him to treat Alyssa for Lyme.”

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