Episode 55 with Sarah Cormode and Brian Fallon

Gaining ground through research and collaboration.

Dr. Brian Fallon, MD, with the Looking at Lyme logo, in front of a library.

Brian Fallon, MD, MPH

Brian Fallon, MD, MPH directs the Lyme and Tick-borne Diseases Research Center and the Lyme and TBD Clinical Trials Coordinating Center at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York City.  Dr. Fallon completed his undergraduate work at Harvard College and his post-college studies at Columbia University.

Dr. Fallon is board certified in psychiatry, has considerable expertise in OCD and anxiety disorders, and focuses his current research on the neuropsychiatric aspects of Lyme disease and on clinical trials to assess treatments for patients with persistent symptoms related to Lyme disease.  Current research focuses on the symptoms of fatigue, slowed processing speed, and depression, using a range of approaches including vagus nerve stimulation (fatigue), transcranial direct current stimulation (brain fog), and intravenous ketamine (depression). 

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