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Lyme disease risk rising in Ontario as ticks spread farther in province

[CanLyme Note: Ticks are not only spreading aross southern Ontario, they are spreading in all regions of the province. If you have robins, finches, wrens, etc. you have ticks carrying Lyme and other diseases coming to your area.]

March 21st, 2017 by Laura Bradley, St Thomas Times-Journal

They’re small, hard to see, but they come with a big bite. Black-legged ticks, otherwise known as deer ticks, are spreading across southern Ontario. They’re not just a harmless nuisance but some carry with them the Lyme disease bacteria that can wreak havoc on a person’s body.

As climate change takes an increasing toll on the environment, it’s also creating a breeding ground for the black-legged ticks. Ticks have a complicated life cycle, but they’re able to survive longer with average temperatures that are warmer.

“There is a suggestion that the current geographical range of those ticks could potentially expand in Southern Ontario,” said Andrew Powell, manager …

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  1. 6/14/17
    I was bitten by a Lyme tick a number of years ago while we were living in Uxbridge, Ontario.
    I was in our yard gardening and simply bent down to weed my flower garden and had on a pair of shorts and was bitten.
    IT REALLY HURT when it bit my leg and for days I felt like I had the flu. A bull’s eye rash came up on my lower right leg.
    Did not feel well for a couple of weeks.
    I went to a physician and was told they were not in the area in which we lived?????
    I have had other things happen since then including arthritis.
    Have been tested twice but not the test from California.
    it is strange, but to this day, I have even had reactions to Tetanus shorts, etc. and if I am ever on antibiotics for something, I feel great for a couple of weeks and then it ends and I go back to felling like before.
    Have had strange things happen all over my body.
    Have a lot of questions.

  2. Another reason that’s helping the spread is the Canadian veterinary association won its case with the federal government that now makes it illegal to use deet in over the counter flea collars sprays dog cat shampoos we new this day was coming

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