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One in three ticks in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, carries Lyme disease yet no help for the tens of thousands chronically ill across the country due to false information.

[CanLyme note: For decades Canadian health care leadership have downplayed the prevalence of Lyme disease (borreliosis) in ticks based upon poor surveillance protocol while ignoring reams of published research. They further downplayed the prevalence of this disease in humans with an outrageous, dangerous and deadly adherence to a testing policy that they knew missed most cases. Canadians must be fearful of our own medical system, because it excludes patient expert oversight. People behind closed doors closely tied to the for-profit medical industry have defined what ‘consultation’ means and it has meant we have no say at all in actual policy/guideline setting. Laws need to be put in place by our legislators, but even the elected physicians seem complicit in their failure to act despite years of requests. ]

October 5th, 2018

New study shows 1 in 3 ticks tested in Ottawa carries Lyme disease

Some startling numbers out today indicate just how prevalent Lyme disease is now in the city of Ottawa.

New data shows that one in three ticks tested was positive for the bacteria that cause Lyme disease.

The study, which was done by University of Ottawa researchers shows that the tick population is far more widespread than previously thought. T

You don’t need to tell Ottawa resident Kristy Giles to be careful to stick to the trails when she walks her dog in the woods now.  She knows all too well about the risk of Lyme disease because she has it.

“It took me from being a very active and career-oriented person to being bedridden for a long time,” says Giles, a former triathlon competition.

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