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CBC News: Canadian Member of Parliament Karen Ludwig – More national round tables planned for Lyme disease awareness

June 10th, 2016

A national, all-party round table on Lyme disease in Ottawa recently brought to light some of the issues people face with getting answers and suitable treatment for the disease.

New Brunswick Southwest MP Karen Ludwig co-chaired the meeting on May 30, attended by Lyme disease advocates and members of Parliament, including Green Party leader Elizabeth May.

“Health is not a partisan issue and Lyme disease is across the country. It’s not just one particular party’s issue,

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  1. I discovered I tick in the middle of the night during a visit to the bathroom. The previous week my genitals swelled to twice there size, I visited the emergency at Cambridge Memorial where I was examine by a doctor and given an antibiotic and cordozone. The swelling went away and everything seemed fine. That was in the fall of 2012, fast forward to today, since September 2015 I have experienced a series of rashes, on my left shoulder neck, and underarm that stayed until October, then another one in November on my right side in the
    same area that lasted until January 2016, then returned in March and was gone by April, only to return in May.
    This rash has been the most painful, showing up under my left arm, left side, on my face circling my mouth, inside my nose in each case there have been tiny bumps that weep, and stings almost constantly.
    I have been through homeopathic treatment, twice through my family doctor. None of whom could help. This feels like pins being stuck in my face my lips are constantly dry, and there is constant swelling. Can you please help me find a doctor or clinic that will be able to help me. Thank you Roger

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