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Health P.E.I. tragically mistaken [on Lyme disease]

The Guardian,

Chris Robinson

Guest Opinion

Government bafflegab bothers me, especially when the health of young school-age children is at stake. On March 11, Health P.E.I. officials featured on CBC’s (Mis)Information Morning downplayed the true risk of Lyme Disease on P.E.I. and claimed that current diagnostic blood tests being used here for detecting this serious tick-borne disease are very effective. They also cast doubt on the effectiveness of more sophisticated testing in the U.S., suggesting that only a gullible hypochondriac would be crazy enough to cross the border in search of a cure. This Health P.E.I. info would be laughable, were it not so tragically mistaken.

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  1. Hello, I read in the news that you’re providing tick kits to the elementary schools in PEI. I wondered if anything can be done in Nova Scotia at our school. Lyme disease is very prevalent in our area yet the kids at our school and families close by are very unaware. Having Lyme myself I want to protect our children and our friends children what can we do.

    thank you

  2. Hi,

    This is an experiment to see if we an actually get some into schools. In the past this has been blocked by provincial health authorities in other provinces, as well as local school boards who state their staff are not qualified to remove ticks. Considering what we know about how quickly some of the diseases tick carry can be transmitted while the tick is attached it is critical to have it removed asap, not wait to be picked up by a parent and taken to wait at a doctors office or emergency room. It is rather foolish policy and the task is simple if the correct tools are on hand.

    With PEI being the smallest province we felt it was a good testing ground. Depending on the success there after a two year period we hope to then be able to budget forward to other provinces.

    Jim Wilson

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