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Hopkins Physician Says Lyme Disease Patients Create Conspiracy Theories About Their Illnesses

Hopkins physician Paul G. Auwaerter, MD, has told the Allentown Morning Call that Lyme patients invent ideas about what ails them.

“When is a Johns Hopkins School of Medicine researcher no longer competent to conduct research and treat patients?” asks Cutler, who has been battling Lyme disease for more than nine years. “When he ceases to have an open, scientific mind and starts to sling mud at the patients he has sworn to care for.”

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  1. Another glaring example of dismissing patients without understanding this illness. And he is a Doctor? And he believes 2-4 weeks of antibiotics will cure this disease? And how can he dismiss the growing scientific body of knowledge that exists today?
    This is not good medicine, it is sticking to old theories that the IDSA has published for decades.
    John Hopkins used to have a great reputation….this is a sham and a shame.

    Peggy McCann

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