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Listen to Dr. Bonnie Henry, regarding the BC Clinic, completely ignore the vast patient group who do respond to longer term antibiotics

Listen to the many wobble words and phrases used by Dr. Bonnie Henry to discount the dramatic benefit to thousands of people with Lyme Disease who finally receive longer term (not lifetime) antibiotics. Keep’em sick she says… give those unfortunate castaways pain killers and nice talk.

What tests have the BC CDC developed and where is that information published, and why were those of us on the advisory panel not informed of this?

She states with her wobble words that the current guidelines address the use of antibiotics… she fails to mention as usual that they address only short term antibiotics and then if you are still ill beyond that period you miraculously do not have Lyme disease. She refers several times to this point that perhaps the patient has something else going on beyond that short treatment period, yet this is a completely unproven theory, not backed by any credible research at all. In fact, all animal model studies prove completely the opposite.

Did we hear the provincial representative suggest anything that would address the stark contradiction between her statements and the anmimal model research, not at all, because it is not in her best interest. Dr. Bonnie Henry had no role in the clinic, attended none of our meetings, so why is she the talking head for the clinic if not only to put the official spin on the issue. When reporters that we have been in touch with requested information they were blocked from talking to the actual front line players and handed over to spin doctor Henry.

So, this is how health care is doled out in BC; theory that fulfills an agenda, complete dictatorial control, no patient input allowed, and spin doctors who are never brought to task. I hope those who listen to this see the insanity of what she is asking of very sick people… to be given pain medication, meditation, etc., when we all know from our own repsonse, and have seen the many other recoveries with appropriate antibiotic therapy (appropriate is not what the guidelines call for at all and no evidence supports the guidelines… so just make it up as you go).

People; taxpayers, parents, grandparents, employers of outdoor workers, all lovers of the out of doors, and politicians, this has got to change.

300,000 cases across the border every year, but only a couple of hundred in Canada, yet we have the world’s largest per capita number of other diagnoses that just happen to look like Lyme disease?  We are a pretty valuable resource for the medical profit machine of pain meds and hip/knee replacements all funded by us… the taxpayer, while talking heads control the show at our expense.  The billion dollar medical disability insurers support the group who wrote the guidelines (authors are paid insurance consultants) that Dr. Henry is wedded to, so they deny claims for a chronic disease because they have worked very closely with the guideline writers to insure the chronic aspect is not considered a true entity. The individual tax payer then funds the huge disability cost of those who are so disabled, unnecessary surgeries, and the huge unnecessary cost of symptom management drugs… a great gig for the medical money machine.  No so great for the sick and the taxpayers.

The internal Schmidt review, initiated by the BC government, determined that there were serious problems with the staus quo on Lyme Disease diagnosis and treatment guidelines, ie. the exact guidelines Dr. Henry refers to, yet Dr. Henry says “we disagree with some of the review”.  Who is she?  So what you disagree, big deal. If you are serious about patient health then why have we been denied the right to debate your disagreement line by line, statement by statement, and why are our elected officials allowing this nonsense.  If Dr. Henry has a valid point then put it in the public realm where it should be.  The is health care, serious business. Don’t continue to say ‘we disagree’ without ever allowing open debate or putting your evidence forward for public scrutiny… this is our lives for heavens sake.  The newly appointed medical director didn’t have a chance to change anything when up against such a small but strong tax payer funded group of anti-science, pro-illness lobbiests who answer to not one tax payer or elected official.  Their agenda was questioned by the Schmidt report… including that of Bonnie Henry who had been busy within the BC CDC spinning her anti-science, anti-common sense, so why is she as one of those implicated players now the talking head for the clinic?  The circle is complete, the clinic has been completely hijacked by Henry and crew who by their very roles within Infectious Disease and the BC CDC as regards to Lyme Disease were implicated in the Schmidt report, and now they have Henry as the official government spokeperson paid for by us. What an insult to each of us and we must insist this stops.

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  1. It is obvious, regardless of the admission of the IDEGroup and the statements by the Public Health Agency regarding the shortcomings of blood testing in this country, as well as the statements by both groups admitting some fallibility of early treatment, that the medical establishment has no intention of changing its position on the diagnosis and treatment of this disease unless it is forced to. Legal action, in the form of a class action suit, if grounds could somehow be found, would at the very least bring this to the attention of the entire country and force them to justify their position in the face of contradictory evidence. We have waited patiently for them to recognize the error of their ways and make the necessary changes. They have refused absolutely. We need to find a way to force the issue and take the decision out of their hands.

  2. Whow I can’t believe this woman. I listened to the interview and was totally confused as I am sure everyone else is. This our government in action to justify their jobs being paid from our pockets. What I would like to see (and I wouldn’t wish this on anyone) some of our government officials contract lyme disease and see just how fast they would get treatment. Just who do you vote for they are all the same.

  3. I agree that Bonnie Henry is a paid puppet by the BC government to downplay the severity of Lyme disease not only in our province but Canada wide. Please let me prove my point to everyone. Back in March 2020 we were in a pandemic with COVID 19. Henry made a clear statement on the daily report with her and Adrian Dix provincial medical minister. That wearing a face mask will not help you from contacting this virus. I believe this came from Trudeau as Canada did not have enough masks for the frontline workers. So instead of telling all Canadians to wear cloth masks she decided to tell everyone they will not help you. So why do all the medical people need them everyday. She is a liar and does not have the decency to tell the truth. She is being paid by the government to keep the cost of medicare as low as possible. Very few people will not believe this as she is looking like a hero on her daily bull shit sessions with the NDP.

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