Join CanLyme for a screening of the Quiet Epidemic

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, and CanLyme is hosting an on-demand screening of the critically acclaimed documentary, The Quiet Epidemic during the week of May 19th.

For the past two decades, CanLyme has been listening to the voices of people who have encountered ongoing roadblocks while trying to access adequate healthcare for Lyme disease. CanLyme has responded by engaging with policy makers in an effort to improve the lives of people living with this illness.

Join us post-screening, for a panel discussion on Sunday, May 28th at 2.00p EDT (11.00am PDT / 12.00pm MDT / 3.00pm ADT) with Lyme experts and patient voices addressing your questions and concerns.

CanLyme is grateful for your help with raising awareness.

Cover poster for the Quiet Epidemic: As close as your backyard.

Stay safe in the outdoors

Your support can change lives

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