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Canadian legend passes away – helped raise money for CanLyme – Johnny Bower

Campers stand at the edge of the water at sunset watching the stars come out, with the CanLyme logo floating in the foreground.

December 27th, 2017

Johnny Bower, Canadian hockey legend and amazing humanitarian passed away on December 26th, 2017.

He was a hero to so many in the 1960’s and beyond including myself (Jim Wilson, President, CanLyme – a dogged Toronto Maple Leaf fan from about age 7, to today, age 64).

How does this relate to Lyme disease?

In 2007, Magnotta Winery in Ontario held the first annual Lyme disease golf tournament to raise money for the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation. Johnny Bower, Darryl Sittler, Rick Vaive, and Dale Hawerchuk all participated. A bunch of money was raised for CanLyme, an all volunteer not-for-profit, and in the process I was able to bid on a Johnny Bower signed jersey along with the other golf participants. Being such an over-the-top Johnny Bower crazed fan I out bid everyone, paid a great price to the fundraiser and secured my most precious jersey.  I took the jersey home and put it away into my personal closet as it means more to me than others in my family… I loved Johnny Bower!  As kids we used to have snowball fights and take-the-snow hill competitions between us, the Maple Leaf Bower fans, and our rivals the Montreal Canadiens’ Gump Worsley fans.

The pictures below are of me wearing the jersey today, December 27th, 2017, the first time it has been worn since I bid on and won it in 2007.  It will be put away and cherished after today.

Johnny was 83 years of age at the tournament and I was 53.  He out-golfed me and charmed everyone in attendance… an amazing soul.  A true legend…

And here is myself and my wife with Johnny at the tournament…

Luv ya Johnny!!

Stay safe in the outdoors

Your support can change lives

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