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Listen to today’s testimony of Dr. Ralph Hawkins, Dr. Liz Zubek, Canadian Blood Services and the Public Health Agency of Canada in the standing health committee.

June 8th, 2017

You can listen to the interesting testimony here… Dr. Njoo from the Public Health Agency of Canada believes patients are too stupid to be equal partners in setting guidelines on diagnostics and treatment.  Only his buddies at AMMI, IDSA and the US CDC are qualified to have the final say… the same group who have failed us for decades on the Lyme disease file. They refuse outside eyes to challenge what they put forward as evidence and this flies in the face of both medical and science ethics protocol. The Public Health Agency of Canada is endorsing this unethical practice.

Dr. Njoo fails to recognize that medical experts, microbiologists, and other scientists are Lyme disease victims as well yet they too are excluded as partners unless they are from the good ole boys club.

Dr. Njoo alleges that a review of the out of date 2006 IDSA guidelines that took place in 2016 is sufficient to make them current. Our experts were not asked to participate in that review, and no patient advocates from Canada were asked to be involved. As Dr. Zubek points out, research has surged ahead since 2006 and all of that evidence is simply ignored by the IDSA.

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  1. I need help I was bit bye a tick several yrs ago..I got the bulls eye rash.. I became so sick (I never felt this sick in my life)..I got tested for lyme disease and it came back negative ( I wasn’t really surprised bye that with all the false negative here in Canada) now it’s yrs later I am in such pain with my neck and knees and tingling in my hip were the tick was.. M.r.is on my neck are showing nothing on my neck..this pain is awful I can’t take it anymore.. I need help.. Thanks for listening to my situation

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