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Lyme Disease Association holding informational event in Fort Erie [Ontario,Canada]

A tick can get under your skin without it even being realized for months and sometimes years.

May is a month dedicated to raising awareness about Lyme Disease and Fort Erie resident Melissa Hodges-Young, who is involved with the recently-founded Niagara Area Chapter of the Lyme Disease Association of Ontario, wants the public to know how serious of an issue this is.

In 2009, Hodges-Young was diagnosed with the disease after multiple years of not feeling well and without any idea of what was ailing her.

A specialist in Toronto finally told her she had contracted Lyme Disease from a tick bite she believes was experienced while turkey-hunting with her husband.

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  1. Please note I did message Kris Dube the following:
    “Excellent Kris and thank you very much for this!
    Just one small clarification – the various bacteria that can be transmitted by the tick bite can get under your skin. If left undiagnosed these can wreak havoc in a multi-systemic way, as you mention.”

  2. Hi Melisa. Its Ron Bosak. I talked to you on the phone. I was wondering if you got the right email. You had said you would send me something by email. Thought I might have given it you wrong. Thanks
    Hope is all is well. Your article was great.

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