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Canada-wide VOCAL events planned for June 3rd, 2017

VOCAL – Voices Of Canadians About Lyme June 3rd, 2017

As Canadians in every province and territory become increasingly concerned about Lyme disease and the denial of access to care, they are speaking out.

Government bureaucrats have refused to meaningfully engage patients and their experts on the issues that matter most – diagnostics and treatment.

Lyme disease is controlled by a few self-appointed experts, members of an association that has incredible influence on Lyme disease policy matters at the provincial, territorial, and federal levels.  While this private association is actively at the table, setting policy decisions, the patient and their experts are excluded.  This anti-science unethical practice has been allowed for decades and Canada now has a serious problem on their hands with growing levels of persons ending up on long term publicly funded disability programs. Employers are losing staff that they have invested thousands of dollars of training in.

Advice coming from this group also has the real potential of driving antibiotic resistance by teasing organisms with only one or two doses of antibiotics for people with known tick attachments. Humans carry many organisms all the time and all these organisms, including the Lyme bacteria will learn from and not be killed by one or two doses of antibiotics.  The bacteria will remember the signature of the antibiotic and pass that information on to their offspring potentially generating the climate for antibiotic resistance.  This reckless practice goes on in many hospitals across Canada.

The national voice is represented through the VOCAL campaigns and for information on the event nearest to you go to… (once you have clicked on the link, ignore the date posted above Leave Comment to the left as that is simply the posting date of the comment – all events are June 3rd)

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  1. We brought my son in with a deer tick embedded in his body and the QCH assessed him as a low priority. He had to wait several hours more to have the tick removed. According to published provincial and city information on Lyme disease – the hospital’s conduct increased his risk of getting the disease. I hope the medical community’s practices catch up with their own published advice on the handing of ticks and Lyme disease. I’m glad to see events like this one.

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