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  1. Very in formative. I personally believe that Lyme disease is more common in Alberta than we a lead to believe. My symptoms are very similar and have been trying to find a Dr. that will even entertain the possibility of Lyme Disease. This has been an issue for me for almost 12 yrs. and is slowly becoming worse. It is refreshing knowing the Lyme Disease Foundation is out there and I fully intend to become a supporter of this very important organization.
    Thank you, Brian

  2. I have three friends living in Calgary that have or had lyme disease. One is lyme free after five years of treatment. One is in a very bad state of health, not being able to find any medical doctor to treat her other than a naturopath and one is in treatment, and recovering. The one that is very ill was told by a medical doctor that he could not treat her because he was getting to much flack from the medical association.

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