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Johns Hopkins receives $10M to expand research into Lyme disease cause, treatments

Grants from Steven and Alexandra Cohen Foundation support existing research on post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome, new therapies, vulnerable populations


Johns Hopkins University has received a $10 million grant from the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Foundation to explore Lyme disease and develop potential new therapies to address the illness.

The grant will be divided among three Johns Hopkins research teams led by John Aucott, Ying Zhang, and Brian Schwartz.

Aucott, assistant professor of medicine and director of the Johns Hopkins Lyme Disease Research Center, and colleague Mark Soloski, professor of medicine, received a five-year grant for $6 million to support the continuation of the center’s Study of Lyme Disease Immunology and Clinical Events, a longitudinal effort that identifies patients at the onset of Lyme disease, initiates standard treatment, and follows them over a one-year period.

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