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  1. Unfortunately I will be working. However, I really hope a BC patient’s lack of access to a C6 can be addressed. I am a classic case with tick attachment and bullseye rash, wih a timeline and symptoms straight from a Merck Manual. Physician ordered Lyme serology was negative. When my doctor tried to order a C6, it was not possible without first being screened by our BCCDC. I even tried to have it drawn and shipped to Winnipeg at my own expense through a private lab. I was called back by the lab and the assistant on duty had spoken to a microbiologist at the BCCDC who had educated her on the superiority of the standard 2 tier test and the rarity of a true Lyme infection. She informed me that she would send my blood draw to them first and a potential positive would be checked via our national lab. Staff out the National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg were unaware of the roadblock we have to the C6 here in BC.

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