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Ontario, Canada: East Gwillimbury BMX rider drives through tough competition [Lyme disease]

June 10th, 2016 East Gwillimbury Express by Simon Martin

… “But Dorian had to leave Canada for four months to get treated for Lyme disease in Florida and Missouri.

“It was four months of daily IV hookups,” Stephanie said, explaining he had swelling on his brain.

The treatment worked wonders for Dorian”

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  1. I recently had what I thought was a bruise on my calf after gardening. I could not recall banging my leg and the bruise grew and lasted for several weeks. Now that it is fading I see a little bug bite mark and a faint ring around it. I am showing no symptoms and wonder if I am panicking for no good reason. Should I get tested even though there are no symptoms? I live in the Laurentians, near the Ottawa River.

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