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USA CDC won’t do ‘on-camera interview’ on Lyme: It is ‪Lyme Disease Awareness Month after all

May 23, 2016, Outbreak News Today

[More government arrogance using their tax payer funded salaries to ignore tax payers.]

… This drew the ire of Patient Centered Care Advocacy Group President, Bruce Fries:

This is completely unacceptable from an agency responsible for protecting the public ‪‎health, especially during ‪Lyme disease awareness month, when ‪CDC should be publicizing the dangers of tick-borne illnesses and educating the public about prevention. CDC’s refusal to do an interview for a special report by a broadcast affiliate of a tier-one television network, in a hyper-endemic state during peak tick season, is an abdication of its duty to protect the public health from this devastating epidemic that has grown to more than 329,000 new cases a year in the U.S. and costs our economy more than 3.7 billion annually.

This is a breach of duty, shameful and outrageous, and indicative of gross mismanagement within CDC’s program for Lyme disease.

Patient Centered Care Advocacy Group is focused on generating publicity that spotlights discrimination and harm faced by patients with chronic Lyme disease.

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  1. There should be a Class Action started in Canada. The Canadian Gov. is not providing proper medical treatment to its
    The average person has not even heard of Lyme Disease

    I read of a Disability pension been issued for a US citizen. That’s what should be followed up on.

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