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Lyme Bacteria Hides Inside Parasitic Worms, Causing Chronic Brain Diseases

WASHINGTON, May 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The examination of autopsied brain tissues from patients who died of serious neurological conditions has revealed that many tick-borne infections, such as Lyme disease, go undiagnosed and untreated. Board-certified pathologist, Alan B. MacDonald, MD, says his research shows “tick infections are not easily detected with routine tests, nor are they easily cured with short courses of antibiotics.”

MacDonald will present his findings Thursday on Capitol Hill, in the Rayburn House Office Building, at a forum to explore the scientific, economic, and policy challenges posed by the epidemic of Lyme disease and associated tick-borne illnesses.

MacDonald found three Borrelia pathogens, including B. burgdorferi the causative agent of Lyme disease, thriving inside parasitic nematode worms, worm eggs or larvae in the brain tissue of nineteen deceased patients. These microscopic worms are endosymbionts, meaning the Borrelia bacteria dwell inside the worms. A tick bite delivers the nematode into the human body.

“Both the worms and the Borrelia pathogens can cause devastating brain damage,” said MacDonald. “Current tests, like the ELISA and Western blot, do not adequately detect the presence of Borrelia bacteria.” MacDonald says his discovery also shows “while patients are wrongly declared free of Lyme and other tick-borne infections, in reality, too often they contract serious neurodegenerative diseases which can kill them.”

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  1. I have been sick for more than years. I would like to share a pic of what I pull from skin and what comes with coughing and sneezing. It looks like a tightly matted bundle of hair and it has long hairs that move all around. Can you help me know what to say to doctor?

  2. Hi! Try diatomaceous earth. Talk to a natropath. Also, eat a paleo diet of primarily cooked foods for a while. Citrus fruit and apples raw are ok. The other thing would be to drink some raw apple cider vinegar in tea. When I first started treatment for parasites, I thought I was going to die, but 6 months after this treatment, I am finally feeling good. I was diagnosed as having Lyme (inconclusive), Lupus (inconclusive), and Fibromyalgia (BS- we don’t know what’s wrong with you! LOL). Now, my antibodies are magically gone and I don’t feel tired. Awesome!

  3. I am getting nowhere around Burlington Ontario with this lyme disease and I feel the co-infections and parasites have taken over my inside. Terrible. Help ….anyone know of a doctor out there who can help soon. Things have rapidly moved into the red zone. Larry

  4. Use organic apple cider vinegar, kelp, navel oranges and coconut flakes, plus for 4 days ciprofloxacin 3 times a day 250 mg.

  5. I have had chronic neurological and orthopedic Lyme disease for 11 years. Unfortunately, I went undiagnosed for 10 years. I’m currently using IV antibiotics administered through a surgically implanted port-a-cath. Is there anything that I could add to your research? I want my struggles to help other Lyme patients so that their struggles aren’t so difficult.
    Thank you,
    Kelly Novak

  6. Hi Janice…though many conventional doctors are trained that Morgellons is imaginary, studies have now concluded that a cattle infection is likely at the root. That sounds similar to what you describe. Consider trying a low carb, grain-free diet with a lot of herbs and superfoods to see how that feels, and start looking for affordable herbs in your area or from a reputable source. Diatomaceous earth is drying and may slowly degrade an infection. Please don’t expect conventional doctors to understand, but look for someone in natural medicine who has studied this and ideally had some success treating it. Support can sometimes be remote. And stream/listen to videos about this and similar infections and success stories. Real Food Rebel, Feel Better Guy, Stephen Buhner, Jay Davidson and more offer suggestions on boosting overall strength and immunity if not discussion and interviews on the topic. Best wishes and hope you are better soon.

  7. Hi larry please start streaming youtube about herbs and doctors for late stage (just means it’s affecting your life) lyme. Look for success stories and don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Best wishes!

  8. If you find one that will listen to you about that please put their name here for my whole family. Doctors don’t listen when it comes to parasites. I’m sorry for what you going through, I understand. I have photos of the buggers and they just don’t listen. They’ve been taught only certain places have parasitic issues when we now have global travel and trade.

  9. What comes first the chicken or the egg? I know too many Lyme sufferers that never had a tick bite.

  10. I’ve been diagnosed inconclusively with all of the above!
    I’m sorry about what you’ve been through. Thank you for sharing your story because it sucks feeling so alone!
    Tired of the medical Merry go round!

  11. “What comes first the chicken or the egg? I know too many Lyme sufferers that never had a tick bite.”
    You are right, Lyme (Borrelia) is quite infectious disease and can be transmitted via different vectors: blood transfusions, direct skin contact, semen, urine, saliva, mother to child, ticks, dogs, squirrel, mice, lice, raw meat, sex, etc.

  12. It’s been so long battling this Lyme, just never ends. It’s been a long streak of symptoms lately. I knew that just eliminating gluten, sugar wasn’t enough to heal my gut. So I researched diatomaceous earth for possible pain relief, aluminum detox and other metals. Well I started slow and I have just passed 2 long, about 5 inch round worms, dead of course. Come to find out after reading on this, that the babesia bacteria hides in the parasite worms!!! It just goes on and on. I was shocked. At least I feel something is going to change after giving this a go. Just a share of my experience. Good luck folks, this is not fun. The self care is always on. I’m 59 now, wow but I’m here!!!

  13. My daughter is 44 and been suffering for 2 years. Her whole life is taken up with this it started with lyme now don’t know what. She is going crazy and doctors don’t believe her. Don’t know what to do my granddaughter dosnt want to live with her anymore. Please help where can she go.

  14. Lyme is transmitted via domestic animals, pet, dogs, cats, birds, mosquitos, during sex, pregnancy , human interactions, blood transfusions and many more ways of transmission. Needs to be caught early to be treated with antibiotics otherwise can become chronic Lyme and difficult to treat.

  15. I have been battling chronic itching and pimple like rash for over 5 months. It’s worse at night. Been to allergist, dermatologist s and general doctors. I have been diagnosed with contact dermatitis, scabies, sensitivity to fragrance – none accurate. They have run MS,lupus, antibody labwork and bunch of other tests. All negative.
    3 weeks ago I was having muscle cramping so I went to my doctor and he ran more blood work. He also tested for Lyme although did not think it was going to reveal anything. Turned out positive. Now on antibiotics but itching still nagging me. I am thinking the parasites may be a more plausible cause. Who can help?

  16. Wow! Ann I need your protocol. How much DE and when? I have been fighting Lyme co-hosts/parasites for 8 years. I need serious advice.

  17. This may sound frivolous but you may be able to google something I wrote a long time ago about Systemic disease in racehorses – I’m sure you don’t have to be bitten by a tick.

  18. Cipro is the last abx you should use unless absolutely no choice. It has serious side effects , another fda warning last week

  19. I’ve had lime for twelve years and it been pretty bad a lot of the time. I would have really bad pain and cramps all through my body and was sick three quarters to all the time. And parasites in my head that would hurt my White blood count would drop and I would feel sicker than I thought possible. Then it stopped for some reason,for about four years now the semitones are coming back and I’m starting to get worse again. Just feeling helpless.

  20. dr. alan macdonald did my husband, jack gordon’s 1st brain autopsy; his results made WORLDWIDE HISTORY having:

    chronic lyme & lewy body dementia causing his visual/very violent hallucinations

    alan also found a cluster of filarial nematode parasitic worms having lyme inside THEM…

    his results can be found here! last link is the story i wrote of our having chronic lyme, etc. for 82 yrs. when he passed away!!


    2nd brain autopsy by dr. marna erikson, univ. of minn., found 2nd TB diseases, bartonella, cat scratch disease, 2 species. waiting for her to PUBLISH her/alan’s findings!

    betty tungesvik gordon,
    iowa tb patient … chronic lyme & bartonella, CSD, 2 species.

  21. I would not be too sure that the person did not have a tick bite, but rather they simply didn’t notice they had a tick bite.
    I was not aware of being bitten and also suffered 12 or 15 years before diagnosis. Drafter. Dr. dismissed it.

  22. Help! What tincture to use to increase platelets. Dr. has me back on prednisone, ( second time around after 4 months–hasnt really helped). Diagnosed with idiopathic Thrombocytopenia. A year previous to this I almost died with idiopathic hemolytic anemia. Prednisone got me up from red cell count of 3 back to 15. Help–I know it is Lyme. Blood test for Borrelia came back negative. Dont care–I know its Lyme. What homeopath to use?

  23. God help us all .I think there is more to this than the medical profession are letting us know. It’s only becoming to get out im sorry I don’t mean to be negative or frightening anyone. I’ve been sick for 10 years now and going to the Drs consultants or any other professional medical person its just a revolving door a merry go round its money money money. I was extremely sick in January in hospital for 1 week on and I’ve been onhigh doses of augmenting 4 times a day for 5 days no good on 5th day changed to ciprofloxacin 1000ml Twice daily for 9 days I was so unbelievably well .after 4 days bang it was like falling off a cliff. Have not been well since. I could not find out why they put me on this antibiotic. Could not get appointment with my consultant for follow up she said my problem was respiratory go see a respiratory Dr its not my area .I feel I’m going mad .I’m having bloods done for Lyme next week and they are going to Germany. Sorry for taking so long. Marian

  24. Hi Joed,
    You didn’t mention where your rash was, but I’m going to take a good guess that it could perhaps be seborrheic dermatitis? I know I’ve been battling this for a few years on my face and it’s common in immune-compromised individuals (us!). It feeds on sebum/oils, so keep that in mind when treating… ie: NO coconut oil or anything moisturizing. ACV, spritzing with sea salt, and a thin layer of ketoconazole cream (prescribed) have helped tremendously. I use baking soda to exfoliate a few times per week.

    With respect to parasites, they are a HUGE component of Lyme. You will never fully recover from Lyme without dealing with parasites. If your doctor does not have an open-mind (as most don’t), look into some strong herbal protocols. Humaworm has been my favourite for systemic cleansing – not just intestinal. DE and Mimosa Pudica are also good, yet only work on the intestinal tract. Sadly these pathogens are all throughout and need more systemic treatment.

    Best of luck!

  25. follow a strict sugar free candida diet or even better fast for couple of days and take essential oils and parasasitic herbs, oregano, clove, coconut oil, wormwood. I found unless I completely stop sugar nothing works, ive been fighting this for years and can control it well, any issues don’t hesitate in contacting me

  26. So are you saying you only used the diatomaceous earth to kill the round worms?

  27. Mrs. Gordon,

    Thank you for sharing this. Let’s make this common knowledge for the medical community and the public.

  28. I’ve never been diagnosed or checked for lyme disease but a naturopath and an integrative doctor told me I had all the signs and symptoms of lyme (chronic fatigue, chronic food allergies, rashes, itching, gut issues, auto-immune disease, weight loss, brain so foggy I had trouble forming sentences). Since 2015 I have changed my diet to be mostly paleo with a focus on cooked root vegetables and good quality meat and eggs. I have been using hair mineral analysis to determine my mineral status and taking supplements for my particular mineral patterns. Above all, I have been worming all along the way. Started with Hulda Clark’s regiment. For the past 2+ years I have been taking the barefoot herbalist P/W and P/W/A formulas. Pretty much daily with a very occasional break of a week or two in-between. Also, I dice up raw garlic, up to 4 cloves a day and eat that twice a week with a meal or on a piece of gluten-free bread. I might not be popular with my stinky breath but I sure do feel like a million bucks. I’m better now than I was 10-years ago. It’s hard to say exactly when I was infected but I can think of several times, even as long as 20 years ago, when I either got bit a tick or had massive amounts of mosquito bites while hiking or backpacking. The trick is, make getting healthy your biggest goal. Get your hair mineral status checked, eat no sugar and only very minimal fruits, de-worm, de-worm and de-worm yourself. Never give up and stay determined. It might not happen over night but you will get stronger and therefore more able to boot out the invaders.

  29. That happened to me and we found out the place we moved into had mold. Please make sure there is no mold around someone with Lyme. The symptoms of mold poisoning are almost all the same as lyme and it was pure torcher. Nobody could live with me as I lost my mind.

  30. I came down with Lyme in 1989, went through all 3 stages before being treated. Was told I had Fibromyalgia after the treatment, w/ Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction. 4 1/2 yrs. later they added SLE to my list. I also had severe adrenal insufficiency from deep 2nd, mild 3rd degree burns in 1988. By 1998 I almost died from adrenal failure. I was brought back with reflexology, triple doses of floradix iron & herbs, colloidal minerals. Eventually couldn’t afford, started to experiment, had nothing to lose at that point! Took Dr. Shulze Superfood for many years and GSE Maximum Strength. Was very, very sick up until 2003, started having some improvement, no longer bedridden for several days a week. In 2008 I did a parasite cleanse for 3 months called Dr. Natura. This helped tremendously, I passed a really, really huge tapeworm along with lots of other garbage. I should have jarred it to show my Dr. Anyway, here it is 10/6/2019 (age 64) and i’m still alive but, feeling better than I have since age 35. I have always tried to eat very healthy and clean. I’m now strictly organics, free-range and grass-fed. I distill my own drinking water. I still have flare-ups of Lyme. Like this past week, severe knee pain, brain fog, sleep disturbances, butterfly rash across face (NOT SLE), itchy head, debilitating fatigue, crawly feeling under skin. I’m going to start dosing with the D. E. and also start MSM. Also garlic cloves, which also makes me distasteful to mosquitoes! This disease has taken just about everything, even though I consider myself a survivor. As of Nov. 2019, I’ll have been sick with Lyme for 30 yrs. I’m so tired of this! When I was very sick at the beginning with extreme nausea a friend introduced me to Marijuana. Thank God for Marijuana. It helped me get through a really bad time of daily nausea. If you are going through that and can get it…..use it!!! The heck with gov. and authorities, this disease has been around for a long time and they don’t care to help so, help yourself! I wouldn’t be alive if I had not taken control of this on my own. I’m appalled that Dr.s don’t seem to know any more now then they did in 1998!!! I had a Dr. tell me I was Chronic Lyme after running some tests in 2008 but, he had nothing to offer in the way of help since most insurance will not cover the intravenous IV. What a sorry state of affairs for the medical community. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on Morgellon’s for my mother. I found this site and I will agree with others, you must treat the parasitic infections aggressively if you want any kind of relief. Don’t give up and don’t quit. Hopefully, the medical community will catch up with the rest of us.

  31. Hi my daughter was sick a few years ago and 24/7 itching was a symptom and nothing she took alleviated the itch. Turns out she had her left Adrenal gland removed and pathology said she had Adrenal medullary hyperplasia. They also tested her for mast cell disease that was negative. All of her symptoms went away within a matter of weeks including the itching. Also had genetic testing no genetic component

  32. I was diagnosed with lime 20 years ago at age 40. Western Docs treated me with antibiotics for a long period of time. While I felt better at the time (thought I had it licked) over the next 20 years I was always not quite right. Up and down with chronic inflammation, brain fog loss of energy. You get the picture. I eat exceptionally well, low carb, lots of dark leafy greens. and I work out hard a lot.
    Over the last 3-4 years things have gotten worse. I haven’t been able to lift weights but I still do cardio. I have been through all kinds of Doctors, mostly holistic. Only because I haven’t had much luck with western medicine . I’ve been through Protocols , tinctures , I start feeling better but seem to slip into the same health pattern.
    Finally met a doc in St Louis that I like. He did a test That comes from overseas. Found that I have 3 of 4 indicators for Lyme.
    Also a genetic mutation that ( for lack of a better term ) prohibits me from detoxing heavy metals.
    he prescribed DE and Spirulina for the detox.
    I’m about 5 days in on the Spirulina and 2 days in on the DE. I felt like hell for the last 3 days. Tonight Things seem like they are going the right direction. Reading all your posts has really raised my hopes. I will keep you posted!

  33. My boyfriend just went through all that stuff with the rash moving around his body and hives and horrible itching and found out that it was the lone star tick bite. There’s a test you can take for that. .10 is normal and he had almost 6! The good news is, if it’s that, it goes away in two to five years and Zyrtec gives you a relief.

  34. My boyfriend just went through all that stuff with the rash moving around his body and hives and horrible itching and after a year a doctor finally found out that it was the lone star tick bite. There’s a test you can take for that. .10 is normal and he had almost 6! The good news is, if it’s that, it goes away in two to five years and Zyrtec gives you a relief.

  35. Tony, How are things going now and can you share the name of your Dr. in St. Louis?

  36. Ann could you please send me a little more info on your experience with parasites and Lyme? I’m struggling obviously physically – but because of the duration now and no improvement after years of treatment… I’m struggling mentally in a bad way.
    Could you email me at BCHowren@g****.com (asterisks for gmail just in case of spam) whenever you receive this?

  37. For the most part I don’t think about what I believe to be true. I haven’t been able to find anyone who will support my thinking. I find it futile and frustrating to try and address my condition. What I’ve experienced isn’t easy even for me to believe.

    I rarely visit a doctor and when I do I’m told that I am fine. I only time I mentioned parasites I was told it was having allergic reactions and to pay more attention to discovering the substance in common causing the reaction. I’m 57 now and about the time I turned 50 I decided that I have Morgellan’s.

    I had a tick in my crotch area when I was a boy. It had been there long enough to have a big fat blood sack. My father burned it off with the cherry of his cigarette. I now believe that doctor who told me I was having an allergic reaction was right and the substance was fecal excretion from parasites. I have encountered almost every variety that lurks below the surface of our skin in blood, tissue or the lymphatic system. I can’t decide if I have multiple parasites one or more remaining dormant most of the time or if I’m super vulnerable to getting reinfected by the same and different species or lately I’ve been thinking that tick gave me a spirochete infected with a bacteriophage that stores a variety of genetic blue prints enabling it to produce several different parasite species.

  38. I agree, I came searching as I do from time to over the past decade looking for explanation and relief from what seems like a variety of parasites. I am starting to learn about Lyme now and suspect I may have it. I’m 57 now and I’m trying to figure out if I’ve had it since I was a boy when a tick gorged itself big and fat on my blood. Now that I’m getting old I’m starting to suffer consistently with symptoms that have lead mere. Looking back I now recognize occasions throughout my life when I probably was suffering from this disease without knowing the source.

    I suspect that having been infected with Lyme disease as a child then going through life accumulating parasites without seeking treatment from a doctor or taking any antibiotics my immune system became accustomed to working in overdrive. I just read an article about how parasite infections can boost a persons resistance to other diseases including some cancer. Perhaps this explains why I have the antibodies for Hep C but no virus. My immune system beat it without treatment and that ‘s rare especially in men. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Hi Jen. I don’t know Tony and which doctor he saw but I am also from St. Louis and I see a great naturopath. Her name is Cindy Willbrand. She works under Dr. Christian Wessling. The office is called Webster family physicians. They prefer to do the natural route but will prescribe medicine if that is what you prefer. I love them there.Very knowledgeable! They do not take insurance anymore but if you have insurance they will submit it for you. I have found a little loophole. If I see them as my yearly then my insurance will pay 80% of The out of network cost. Good luck!

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