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Canadian tax payer funded Lyme research not good value for dollar

In December of 2016 a Canadian article was published in PLOS ONE proporting itself as a good systematic review about Lyme disease testing accuracy.

CanLyme has been trying to work closely with government on the value of good science as good evidence yet once again the government of Canada has managed to publish low-quality material without any patient expert input into design and purpose. There is no way to gloss this over, death and disability are the consequence at the hands of our government.

Here is an expert’s review, of this Canadian tax payer funded paper that we believe is contrived in it’s omissions…

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  1. Lyme patients need things to change. My husband and I are living proof that Lyme disables people and that it is sexually transmitted. Our Government doesn’t care. Our doctors don’t know and if they do , they don’t care. So we sit here and rot from the inside out. For 15 years now we have been sick. Happy Retirement.

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