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Canada: President’s Newsbrief – Ontario College of Family Physicians

[CanLyme Note: CanLyme is pleased to see the Ontario of College of Family Physicians is raising awareness about Lyme disease and that they recognize the difficulties of both diagnostics and treatment. There remains considerable work to do to build an infrastructure for both physicians and patients so that this rapidly expanding disease can be appropriately managed.  As per the federal government researchers, we will go from hundreds of cases in Canada per year to in the ten’s of thousands within the next few years in that they suggest that in 4 1/4 years from now (2020) we will have over 10,000 cases per year.]

President’s Newsbrief

September 2015

Family Physicians on the Front Line of Public Health – Ticks ​Are But One Example

A patient came into the office with an engorged tick on his leg this week. The young associate seeing the patient was not sure what to do. I told her to remove the tick carefully to ensure the full tick detached from the leg, to ask the patient when he noticed the tick, and also where he had been to assess if it was a hyper-endemic area for Lyme disease.

Following the assessment the patient received a single 200 mg dose of doxycycline because the tick had been attached for more than a day and he had been in a hyper-endemic area. He was also given some printouts from the outstanding Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation website and told to return immediately if he noticed an expanding rash like a bull’s eye or had flu-like symptom.

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  1. They say the same b.s. for Syphilis too ie. one shot is all you need. It’s so not true. And Doxy never worked at all for me, except giving me huge skin yeast patches…yuck.

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