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Springhill, NS: Ticks become talk at Springhill search and rescue hall

June 22nd, 2015 by Christopher Gooding

SPRINGHILL – It’s enough to make anyone want to stay out of the woods. Well, almost anyone.

Springhill and Pugwash Ground Search and Rescue members met July 17 to learn about the increasingly prevalent world of ticks. Many searchers had their first experiences with the little critters known for carrying Lyme disease last spring following a search for a lost mountain biker near Halifax, and it’s more than likely everyone will start seeing more in the future when entering the woods.

“The federal government is predicting, as temperatures moderate, you’re going to get more and more populations,” Dr. Vett Lloyd, with Mount Alison University, said. “And much sooner than thought. We found in 2012 we had reached the values they predicted for the 2020s.”

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  1. My name is Mary and from Halifax ,Last year when I change my clothes and sitting on the rocker chair and I notice strange insect on my right leg and I tried to whoosh it of from my leg and it didn’t go and fly but got stuck on my leg and I realizes that was a tick and I used the twizzer to pull it out and I throw it out the window … I didn’t realized that I should put the tick in the bottle. But I don’t know where to send them in Nova Scotia ?. Could you explain to me the symptoms from Lyme diseases that effect to the body? And where I should go and see the doctor who is speclized in this Lyme disease here in Nova Scotia ? Yours truly , Ms.Trenholm

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