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No concern about why the patient is sick, just that it is not allowed to be Lyme disease

[CanLyme note: “Another month went by and a call was received from the ID specialist in Calgary. We were informed that our appointment was cancelled because as they stated, my wife doesn’t have Lyme.”  

Once again positive Lyme tests magically became false positive when Infectious Disease doctors became involved. Without seeing the patient they determined they did not have Lyme based upon serology, despite the fact there is no possible way that can be accurately determined using serology. The Infectious Disease doctor cancelled their appointment, so couldn’t care less about why the patient was sick… just that it is not allowed to be Lyme disease. Diagnosing without seeing the patient would bring the College of Physicians and Surgeons down on the physician in a minute if a GP were the one doing it, but Infectious Disease doctors in their positions of power within our medical bureaucracy can do what they want, when they want, because they can, ethics be darned. This must change.]

No coordination of care in Canadian health care [re:Lyme disease]


Medicine Hat News : BY LETTER TO THE EDITOR ON DECEMBER 12, 2014.

Here is more information on the recent Lyme disease article written in the Medicine Hat News that may give more insight to the plight of Lyme patients.

My wife has suffered with many ailments/symptoms for more than 30 years. Throughout this timeframe she was either treated/tested/diagnosed for many ailments and conditions — chronic fatigue, lupus, MS, chronic migraines, depression, black mold, heart conditions, insomnia, diabetes, sleep apnea as well as hundreds of infections. Never once was a question of the potential of Lyme discussed. There must be an answer somewhere. More and more testing was performed with no answers but more and more questions.

The past five years have been rough,we met with many hospital admissions some lasting a month with no real answers. During hospital stays I as husband and father was forced to take leaves from work to look after the family.

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  1. It would seem that this is standard operating procedure. We have an adversarial legal system and in Nova Scotia the head of our College of physicians and Surgeons is a Harvard trained lawyer who has a medical degree. When it comes to Lyme disease he knows what powers to use, who to defend and who to step on. He is in on the game, supporting the U.S. Health insurance industry and pharmaceutical interests. There is no other court of appeal. We have granted them the right to be a self regulating profession. What to do when the science is corrupt?

  2. We who suffer from Lyme & Co-Infections are left to fend for ourselves in a medical industry that is riddled with controversy. Can those who patent the Lyme Vaccine be held responsible? Would Doctors be liable for infringing on Lyme Disease due to Patents? Where are the impartial watch dogs that oversee the for profit interests in the medical field from honorable medicine for people with Lyme? If this was Ebola would it be shoved under the rug, like Lyme Disease is being treated?

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