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Lyme disease growing increasingly common in Quebec

Originating in Lyme, Connecticut in the 1970s, the disease has now made its way North.

Quebec’s first cases emerged in 2008.

Since then, it has continued to spread at an alarming rate.

“We are predicting a rate of expansion of seven or eight kilometers per year northward in southern Quebec,” said Virginie Millien, a professor in the biology department at McGill University and curator at the Redpath Museum.

Millien explained that the disease is carried by mammals, notably the white-footed mouse.

The tick acts as a vector that transmits the disease from animal to human.

The number of cases of Lyme disease in Quebec is growing rapidly.

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  1. Are there any reports of Lyme from Tick bites acquired on the St. Tite-des-caps trails near Mt. Ste. Anne, Quebec?
    My husband has an unusual bite which may be from a tick. It is a week old and only yesterday showed circular pattern of raised red spots about 5+ cm around a central red entry area . Previous to that it had a dark central entry, looked swollen and slightly bruised, now only swollen to one side of the entry spot.
    We are back in Ottawa and looking to find a local doctor who knows something about Lyme and will act.
    My husband is medically immune suppressed for kidney transplant.
    Hope for a reply, and thanks,

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