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British Columbia government report on Lyme disease – Schmidt report

After much negative media attention in 2008 relative to the poor quality of health care relating to Lyme disease in BC, the provincial Minister of Health and Deputy Minister of Health had to act. Also, that year questions posed by the opposition critic David Cubberley to the Minister of Health proved to be difficult for the Minister to respond to. It was decided they needed to commission a report on the state of Lyme disease in the province. A senior executive of the Public Health Services Agency of BC, Dr. Brain Schmidt, was given the task of producing a report.

It was only after an individual’s Freedom of Information search that the report became known to the public in 2010. The report verified everything the patients had been saying for 2.5 decades.

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  1. I’ve been battling Lyme Disease with positive blood tests here in Vernon B.C. For a year now. The Canadian Medical System sent me home with no referrals with pain killer. An ambulance took me to the hospital last week with great pain and a co infection attacking my leg. I was treated for a Staph infection and a blood clot for 4 days, then as soon as I mentioned Lyme disease I was sent home again with pain killer, and not another word was spoken about Lyme disease. Naturopath are the only ones who seem to treat it, but when complications occurred, the tell you to phone 911 and then the rejection with the medical system starts all over again. I’m frustrated, on crutches, a wheel chair will be next? Thanks for listening, Kevin

  2. I myself concur with you Kevin, This is what I’ve been through since 2009. MCTD,blind in one eye for 1 day,hot needle like fellings,lupus,reumitoid arthritis,blurred vision, loss of meamory,joint pain and sweelling,tremours of muscles,brain fog, feeling lost, and there I was a surveyor for 27 years. I was a very healthy man thats just the beginning of coplications I’ve contracted since 2009 theres alot more. Ifeel sorry for thoughs DR;s because knowledge is power I thought but i”ve read so much on this subject that all I’ve become is a nother sastistic in life. I’ve even asked my dr to put me in some kinda experiment somewhere. and again it’s to expensive or there isn’t anything out there but what do we have to lose. Iv’e not only lost myself as a canadian but so much more. I’am so FN tired of being tired.Get this At the time I was infected I was volenteering my time at our eco village on vancouver island.So when people say you should volenteer I feel it’s just another waist of my energy in this life I’ve been there for numerous persons in my tiime in life but know I really need help no one is there.I’am not the poor pity type of man, I like positive results, You’d think it would be in the intrest of our goverment too nip this in the bud? instead of haveing sastistics The only way it seems to get treated and cured is to become an american. ! Clearwater florida is where we need to be.they have the right technology for this. we as canadians DON’T. In the near future I pray to be a normal active 47 year old instead of of feelin 90and the light is getting brigter for all the wrong reasons,I’ve had enough and I guess we all have but what can I do,Keith

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