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A home for patient-oriented research

[CanLyme Note: On the Lyme disease file in Canada the patient has been rejected, removed, and denied by the same people we pay to protect us. We put forward experts, they are not accepted as experts. We put forward scientific evidence, it is ignored. The Canadian Institute of Health Research and the Public Heath Agency of Canada collude to exclude the Continues →

The role of patient advocates in Lyme disease policy should be limited – CanLyme does not agree

The article titled, ‘The role of patient advocates in Lyme disease policy should be limited’  seen here promotes stymieing ethical debate. Here is my response to the article, as HealthyDebate.ca had already closed comments for debate due to some not-so-well-wishing comments (although they did re-open it for comments due to public backlash and they then posted an edited version of below where they Continues →