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Listen to testimony of the Public Health Agency of Canada as they speak to the federal government of Canada’s Health Committe on Bill C-442 the National Lyme Disease Strategy Act

This is a private member’s Bill put before parliament that looks like it will pass into law as a result of all party support.  A private member’s Bill can only ask for limited action.  It cannot ask government to commit money for example.  This Bill was written to be the best it could be within given limitations. The testimony of Continues →

CBC TV : Power and Politics, Battling Lyme Disease

Lyme disease victim Nicole Bottles shares her story of abuse from within the Canadian medical system in her struggles with Lyme disease that has left her to date, still in a wheel chair. Also, Green Party Leader and member of parliament, Elizabeth May discusses Nicoles situation and her provate members Bill C-442 that is in Health Committee now. Watch CBC Continues →

CanLyme submits letter in support of private members Bill C-442, “An Act respecting a National Lyme Disease Strategy”

Summary and Opinion on Bill C-442, “An Act respecting a National Lyme Disease Strategy” Lyme disease (borreliosis) can be contracted in any part of Canada through migratory birds that transplant ticks randomly. The ticks themselves are establishing populations more and more frequently across Canada with ever increasing rates of infection with Lyme disease. A national strategy to develop an appropriate Continues →