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The US government and Infectious Disease Society of America admitted they cannot win the battle on Lyme with science.

Read this http://www.openeyepictures.com/references/McSweegan.pdf Dr. Morshed from the British Columbia Center for Disease Control, listed as a recipient on the emails seen in the link, participates in this nonsensical anti-science “socio-political offensive” regularly. Morshed’s approach has been supported and fortified by Dr. Perry Kendall and Dr. David Patrick for years. Their behind the scenes involvement in the Complex Chronic Disease Program completely Continues →

Listen to Dr. Bonnie Henry, regarding the BC Clinic, completely ignore the vast patient group who do respond to longer term antibiotics

Listen to the many wobble words and phrases used by Dr. Bonnie Henry to discount the dramatic benefit to thousands of people with Lyme Disease who finally receive longer term (not lifetime) antibiotics. Keep’em sick she says… give those unfortunate castaways pain killers and nice talk. What tests have the BC CDC developed and where is that information published, and Continues →