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The US government and Infectious Disease Society of America admitted they cannot win the battle on Lyme with science.

Read this https://www.openeyepictures.com/references/McSweegan.pdf

Dr. Morshed from the British Columbia Center for Disease Control, listed as a recipient on the emails seen in the link, participates in this nonsensical anti-science “socio-political offensive” regularly. Morshed’s approach has been supported and fortified by Dr. Perry Kendall and Dr. David Patrick for years. Their behind the scenes involvement in the Complex Chronic Disease Program completely gutted its effectiveness for truly investigating and treating Lyme Disease, and it remains that way to this date.  Their ongoing political maneuvering and bullying behind the scenes is unacceptable and was responsible for the program’s medical director and other doctors resigning.

Morshed interjects himself into the doctor/patient relationship by asking doctors to call him so he can explain his interpretation of Lyme test results from his lab, discussing false positives and risk, etc.. He is not a physician and has never seen the patients. He fails to give doctors the full truth about the accuracy of his tests thereby misguiding what should be a privileged relationship between doctor and patient.

Phillip Baker was at that time with the USA National Institute of Health (NIH) where he controlled who received research funding.  It was very inappropriate for him to be so closely aligned with one group, advising them on what research could be funded. His buddies were also some of the reviewers for the NIH who decided whose research would get the nod for funding.  Buddies reviewing buddies. If one ever wanted a good system for controlling what gets researched or not, this is it. Quite a system, eh!

Baker’s relationship with those close buddies of his at the Infectious Disease Society of America, who controlled the messaging on Lyme Disease through their friend reviewing friend peer review process, continued after he retired from the NIH.  He is now Executive Director of the Infectious Disease Society of America’s sibling group, the American Lyme Disease Foundation where he continues this anti-science socio-political offensive that is, so offensive.






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  1. Durland Fish is right – they are outgunned, by science. Krupp et al showed a strong treatment effect with IV ceftriaxone – the IDSA has been so busy and effective at burying evidence that doesn’t confirm their unproven hypothesis (“no treatment effect”) that Phil Baker wasn’t even aware they were lying about Krupp. Problem when you believe your buddies’ propaganda. Chummy club. One day it’ll be broken up. And then it really will be, what did you know, when did you know it? Can’t wait for that day to come!

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