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CHCH TV Hamilton: Niagara man diagnosed with Lyme disease heading overseas for treatment

October 3rd, 2018

For a Niagara man diagnosed with Lyme disease, being able to walk without a cane is a small victory. Now 26 year old Jeff Faber is on a mission to fully regain his health and in order to do so is turning to an expensive treatment overseas.

Three years ago Faber landed his dream job working in the kitchen at Trius Wintery in NOTL. But only 3 months after he began he started feeling flu like symptoms that would only get worse, to the point where he quit his job and begin walking with a cane.

Although Faber regained his movement through physiotherapy, he began to suspect Lyme disease was responsible for other symptoms and although he tested negative for the condition in Ontario, U.S. tests came back positive.

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  1. I would worry about a treatment for a serious infection like tick-borne disease that doesn’t seem to address the main problem of the stealth pathogen that is causing it. I shy away from experimental treatments that don’t seem to have any basis in science. Much more science needs to be done on this superbug before we can tailor the treatments to the patient’s own disease.

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