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Swedish MD suspended over Lyme disease care; patients bereft

[CanLyme Note: Canada has suspended almost 100% of doctors who diagnose and treat Lyme disease based appropriately by all standards upon a clinical diagnosis, and patient response to treatment. The level of misinformation and anti-scientific standards endorsed and supported by the United States Center for Disease Control and those countries like Canada and Sweden who blindly endorse whatever the US CDC does is now being challenged on the global stage by scientific, medical, and patient advocate organizations. This suspension of Dr. Kenneth Sandström’s right to practice is the same unethical, anti-science, denial of a right to health care that is seen in every country who has ceded their ethical standard to match the ‘bottom of the barrel’ ethics of the US CDC who has degraded to simply become an extension of the very wealthy global medical money machine.  The Infectious Disease Society of America are the darling group of the US CDC for spreading misinformation on Lyme borreliosis.  Dr. Sandström dared to challenge these Infectious Disease Society of America guidelines that are unscientific, opinion based and inflammatory, so much so that they have been pulled from the US government guideline website as being outdated and not meeting the Institute of Medicine Grade method for evaluating the quality of evidence used to support any position.]

Huffington Post: “The top doctor in Sweden for treatment of advanced Lyme disease has been suspended from practicing medicine, leaving hundreds of patients without care in a country with a large and growing problem of tick-borne disease.”

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  1. The treatment of brutally sick Lyme patients by the medical community worldwide continues to be a cruel joke and will eventually be an epic scandal.

  2. Where does someone go in Alberta/Canada when all medical resources seem to be limited for someone suffering from Lymes for several years. And the medical system denies there is a problem.

  3. Or who can we trust if we can’t get help from Family Doctor or GP?!? According to this Article on “Alberta Services.ca website on Lyme Disease” it lists Cardiologist/Internist/Disease Specialist/Dermatolgist etc etc BUT a Patient who suspect themselves of having Lyme can’t even get tested from GP or get a Referral to any Specialists…within 3 Weeks period I think our Canadian Health System is letting us down!! That article should only be “TRUE” if and only “Albertan” received assistance from AB Health Care.
    I reached out to NDP party for help and their reply was ” You’ve only been to 5 doctors; there’s how many you haven’t seen in AB; it’s really up to you if you want to do something about it…Afterall it is your HEALTH!!!”

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