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Does single dose prophylaxis promoted by Canadian medical authorities work? The answer is no.

A two pill (single dose) prophylactic administration of doxycycline is being offered to Canadians who have a known tick attachment, in spite of the fact that experts warn it is ineffective in the majority of cases.  It is a dangerous practice and may drive antibiotic resistance within the many microbes that make up the human microbiome.  No patient experts were allowed to participate in the discussion as per usual and why Canadians are asking for change.

At CanLyme we have been hearing from people who were given the prophylaxis only to go one to develop signs and symptoms of Lyme disease.  These same people were then told their poor state of health could not be Lyme disease because the dose they were given prevented the infection… complete nonsense.  In other cases people were being given the prophylactic dose when they present with a rash which is an indicator of being already infected.  Prophylaxis is absolutely inappropriate at that point.

Professor of Microbiology Holly Ahern, PhD, speaks out…


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