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Tips after Lyme Disease is in your system

From Toronto Sun Sept 23rd, 2017

“With the Public Health test, chronic sufferers like me can be misdiagnosed. Although options are available to treat Lyme, because they are not covered by OHIP or widespread, they are inaccessible to many. From my experiences, the Lyme care in Ontario seems insufficient. We all pay taxes and to incur additional medical expenditures to address deficiencies in our healthcare, which is supposed to be free, is unacceptable. Policy makers need to wake up because people are getting sick. Some are getting ticked off.”

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  1. Hello. I’ve bin having a variety of symptoms for atleast 2-3 years, about 54 that come and go from the symptoms list on the website. I’ve bin to the doctor several times to find out what’s wrong and then they tested me for Lyme and my first test came out positive and then the confirmatory test came out negative. I’ve talked to a doctor over the phone from Florida and he states that I have Lyme do to the positive test. Also the natural pathic doctor states I have it but my family doctor and infection control doctor state I do not have it. What do I do? Do I have it?

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