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Doctors Who Treat Chronic and Rare Illnesses: Quacks or Heroes?

March 1, 2017 David Michael Conner The Huffington Post

“Many readers of my writing know that I have spent the better part of a decade navigating a gauntlet of medical practitioners who are so “inside the box” of conventional practice, over a dozen specialists sent me into a state of alarm and then pulled the rug out from under me—over and over, like Lucy convincing Charlie Brown to kick at the football and then knocking him on his rear. This essay is a long one—longer than the Huffington Post prefers for blog posts (a crime of which I am too often guilty)—and may be too much for casual, healthy readers. I’m writing it for people with chronic illnesses, diagnosed or undiagnosed. It details years of my life that were spent yo-yoing from bleak hopelessness to glimmers of hope to hellish, excruciating pain, and up and down and so on. In my case, and in the cases of hundreds of people who have contacted me and with whom I’ve met in person by now, most of the hopelessness came from doctors, and most of the hope came from supportive family, colleagues and friends who kept me sane even when I wasn’t.”

Lyme disease, “Her office had been recently visited, without warning, by authorities who were tipped off to investigate her practice for potential malfeasance. She had been intimidated by the visit, and was given a vague warning to be careful about who she treats and how she treats them. She understood this to mean that she should no longer diagnose Lyme disease—because Lyme is said not to exist in her state, even when patients’ blood tests turn up Lyme positive—and certainly not treat it.”

[Countries who are connected with the United States Center for Disease Control have been banning doctors who appropriately diagnose and treat Lyme disease. If doctors obey and provide ample ‘profitable’ drugs to manage symptoms as opposed to treating the disease with a simple generic antibiotic, the doctors are okay. Canada has subscribed to this anti-patient for-profit policy and as a result we are approaching 100% of the doctors who became publicly known as Lyme knowledgeable doctors who have been forced out of diagnosing and treating Lyme disease. Less than 2% of all doctors are investigated for diagnostics and treatment.] Please sign parliamentary petition

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