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Black-legged ticks found at Riding Mountain National Park

[CanLyme Note: “Officials aren’t ready yet to sound the alarms”… here we are in 2016 and Health Canada still refuses to let the public in on the truth… Lyme disease carrying ticks are found anywhere that our friendly robins, finches, wren, and other passerine birds fly in Canada.  Measuring by known risk areas and rating them as high or low is a fools folly. Canadians are dying, becoming chronically ill, and employers like Parks Canada with many outdoor employees are having more and more expensively trained staff become ill.  Our medical community coast to coast are still largely in denial due to poor testing that they have too much confidence in, and this constant downplaying of the risk, anywhere. The risk is Canada-wide, period but the diagnosis is not being made and people are left to suffer or be diagnosed with some other condition for which they are prescribed inappropriate and sometimes harmful or addictive medication.]

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