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Detection of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto and Borrelia garinii DNAs in patient with Hyperkeratosis lenticularis perstans (Flegel disease)

Katarina Schwarzova,

June 3, 2016 Atlas of Science

Flegel disease (Hyperkeratosis lenticularis perstans – HLP) is a rare autosomal dermatosis, characterized by small, asymptomatic, reddishbrown, keratotic papules occurring most frequently over the dorsa of the feet and the lower parts of the arms and legs. The majority of cases have been reported in European patients of 35 to 60 years old. All treatment options as external medications, phototherapy, or invasive methods tend to have only a partial effect.

Our study published in Folia Microbiologica in 2016 shows the presence of two species from B. burgdorferi sensu lato complex isolated from a patient with HLP – B. burgdorferi sensu stricto (s.s.) and Borrelia garinii.

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  1. Both my then wife and I came down with something that was undiagnosed in Oct 1986 which at that time did not realize it could come from a tick bite that we both received hicking in June 1986. It was exceptionally warm the last couple of years through to 1987. We both were aware of ticks and mindful. That one time hiking in the southern area of Alberta we found three ticks each, two on scalp and one on arm. We were able to remove them completely and thought nothing about it until six months later. We both started to notice major changes physically and began the road going to various specialists coming to the conclusion unknown what is causing problems. Eventually driving both of us mentally crazy and unable to deal with each other we divorced. Over time my then wife eventually could not take what was happening and committed suicide. By 2013, I was able to get diagnosed with Lyme through a Lyme specialist in British Columbia and was able to have to parasite removed which took a years time. By then the damage was done, with co-infections as such my life is in bed 80% of the time and average 200 steps a day. Some days I can manage 2000 steps. I have stopped the process of getting worse but I am not getting better either. I am content and unable to fight any longer. You can contact via email if you wish. Thanx for listening.

  2. Dear Karl,

    I’m sorry for responding now, I did not know you wrote this e-mail. I wish you many good health and optimism by 2018. Do not be afraid, it will be better!

    Best regards


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