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Winnipegger traveled to New York for Lyme disease treatment

Meghan Roberts, CTV Winnipeg  Published Sunday, August 23, 2015 9:23PM CST

A Winnipeg man says he travelled to New York State to get treatment for his chronic Lyme disease.

Richard Underwood joined the Canadian Forces in 2007 as a teen. He believes that’s when he contracted the disease.

Black-legged ticks, also known as deer ticks, spread Lyme disease through their bite.

They live in tall grass and fields.

Underwood felt his first symptoms in 2007, but they disappeared soon after.

Years of pain, fatigue, memory loss and doctor visits followed before Underwood was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease in May 2015 by an American doctor.

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  1. I refuse to be a victim of this disease. Have experienced chronic symptoms for 7 years since the disease ‘came out’. Reckon I have had it for 15 years though. A couple of times a year I use Samento then change to Banderol to keep spirochetes in check and feel a benefit. I manage symptoms as best I can. It’s a life changer but we are the generation they don’t believe because science hasn’t caught up with this clever disease. Yet. One day we may be vindicated but until then we have to share our experiences and help each other get through our daily reality. Life’s for living. Listen to your body and believe in yourself. We are not crazy! Love and luck to all.

  2. Hi there I am looking for a doctor in Winnipeg Manitoba who can treat Morgellons/Lyme disease.
    Thanks, Kathy

  3. Kathy ha e you been able to find a doctor whom will treat you for Lyme disease?
    If so could you share his name with me?
    I am scared to death of this. I live alone with no one to help me or support me in worring. I keep saying why NE and what did I do to deserve this. Thanks


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