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Victoria, BC: 19 year old Victoria teen has fought Lyme Disease for 6 years

[CanLyme note:  Yet another case with eerily similar symptoms and circumstances to the others reported over the past few years.  Negative BC test, positive US test at certified US labs that the BC CDC say offer false positive tests, while the province provides no evidence for that.  In fact there is an abundance of evidence that the BC tests provide many false negative results that they never discuss.]

Brittany Lucas struggled with bizarre symptoms for more than 2 years, before finally learning she has Lyme Disease.

In 2009, 13 year old Brittany Lucas was a fastball star in Victoria. Her team made it to the National Finals that summer, Brittany pitched her team to a gold medal, and won tournament MVP!

But…all the while, she felt sicker and sicker.

“It was a lot of fun, and we won, but throughout the month of July when I was training for it and building up to it, I gained like 50 pounds even though I was pitching every day.” Brittany reflects.

She tried to return to school that fall, but couldn’t keep up with her classmates.

“Another big thing I have a lot of days is brain fog, like, I’m just not quite there and I can’t remember, so short term memory loss…so I couldn’t write exams.” …

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