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Health officials ramp up tick monitoring for Powassan Virus

CityNews reporter Andrea Piunno with what health officials are doing to protect you and what you should watch out for.

Public Health Ontario says they are monitoring ticks for Powsassan Virus… when did they start?  What are the results?  What methodology are they using to test? What guidelines are doctors to follow to look for the disease in humans?  Is it being missed? This is not a new virus so how many people may have been missed?

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  1. I’m skeptical. How do they know the poor lad didn’t die from Lyme? Since their tests are so insensitive. If they found a virus in the boy’s system then did they check it against a database of virus samples to see if it matched any other?

    This seems like a deflection to me; like they’re gonna start telling Lyme patients they don’t have a bacteria, they have a virus.

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