CTV Atlantic – Mother defends son’s Lyme disease diagnosis

The mother of a three-year-old boy diagnosed with Lyme disease says she is being harassed on social media since making a public plea for help.

Kayla Lambert says some Facebook users are accusing her of lying about her son’s condition and says many of the things being said about Noah are simply not true.

“That he wasn’t sick. That it was a scam that we were doing,” says Lambert …

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  1. This is a very ill lil boy,,, He has been to New York to see Dr. McShane n has a positive testfor Lyme disease n its co infections… Such a scary time for any parent, let alone to be attacked in the media as they have been. This disease n its misdiagnosis is scary enough let alone to be put thru the unnesscary claims of the ill informed people whom choose not to open their hearts to the ill lil boy. Such hard times for all involved especially the lil guy ….

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