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Posted: November 9th, 2013 

The “We are the 300,000” campaign is a new grassroots campaign by the Lyme community to raise awareness for more effective treatments for all people suffering from Lyme disease.

According to the CDC, there are 300,000 individuals who are affected annually by Lyme disease. How to treat patients who are misdiagnosed or diagnosed late has created decades of debate between doctors, patients and scientists trying to determine why many patients remain seriously ill long after the standard antibiotic treatment for this disease. While more research continues to indicate that Lyme bacteria remains “persistent” after treatment and more doctors around the world claim they are seeing co-infections in as many as 90% of their patients, the IDSA’s guidelines for treatment of patients have not been revised. This can lead to insurance claim issues for patient treatments. For this reason, Lyme disease is often called a rich person’s disease, since those without money are unable to afford proper treatment.


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  1. Aren’t all Canadian diseases rich people’s diseases? It’s true that those who aren’t wealthy are denied treatment for many very serious conditions which become increasingly and severely chronic over the years, causing one disease after another, due to the refusal to treat previous ones.

    Doctors are now starting also to not even dare put their signatures on reports. They only send them out typewritten, and sometimes they even say “Dictated but not read”on them.

    I think they are aware that a lot of seriously unethical issues are taking place and they are afraid of lawsuits. Why else would they refuse to sign their specialist reports?

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