Tick bite leads to Lyme disease for Winnipeg girl.

Sarah Phillips’ daughter, Emily, is awake and smiling now. It’s a big difference from a few days ago.

“I could barely keep her awake,” said Phillips. “She was falling asleep on me, I had to carry her everywhere, she was so lethargic, I have never seen anybody so tired.”

Earlier this month a tick burrowed into the back of her leg while she was out for a walk along the Seine River in Southdale, a well-developed neighbourhood in south Winnipeg.

Her mom found it two days later, pulled it out and threw it away. For two weeks she was a typical 4-year-old.

Then out of nowhere she got sick, and a rash developed where the tick was. It took six doctors to determine she had Lyme Disease.

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  1. Why does it take 6 doctors to make this diagnosis? Why is the medical profession so lacking in knowledge about this illness? This causes untold suffering to many people. My friend had Lyme disease and now has long-term illness from it, yet the doctors have not officially diagnosed her. She had the bull’s-eye rash. She had the fevers, malaise, and other symptoms. It has been an uphill battle for her to get proper treatment. Why can’t these doctors get the education they need? This is a big, big problem and it is only going to get worse. The doctors should be mandated to get the right education so people don’t have to suffer needlessly.

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