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Penticton woman on the path to recovery from Lyme disease

By Mark Brett – Penticton Western News

For Sheri Souch, the journey down the long road to recovery from Lyme disease appears to be nearing its end. 

For the past six years the elementary school teacher and mother of two from Kaleden has fought to cope with the devastating and often debilitating symptoms of the illness which, at its worst, left her bedridden and hoping her life of torment would end. 

“All I prayed for was that I could just get up in the morning and be with my kids because for many months couldn’t even get out of bed,” she said. “I thought I would never get better. I hoped I would get better but it was just so overwhelming and I was thinking either end it all now or get me better. It was just horrible.” 

Like many others with the disease, Souch not only had to contend with the severe problems associated with the condition, but with a medical administration nightmare.

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  1. Hi, I have been suffering for a year and finally went to New York State dr and have been on treatment for 2 months of hell. I am getting worse and get very scared. Most of my savings are gone. Naturopaths, IV therapy, medications not covered and before this chiropractors, Chinese medicine dr, sports medicine therapy before if even found out about Lyme. Visits to sunnybrooke hospital in Toronto to a very rude arrogant neurologist that would not even listen to me about Lyme . I had 50 symptoms out of 75 on canlyme symptom list. He yelled at my caring family and me. I have contacted the north York Lyme group and they never ever get back to me…they must all be in better health. They provide no support..I live in Collingwood Ontario …I am trying to find folks here to help me….any info would be appreciated…I can’t speak and swallow . I have to use a boogie board to communicate to my grandkids . I used to love life and now death might be the best case scenario …it is very sad. I feel like I am out on a limb and the branch is breaking. Please help…thanks

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