Ability to cause erythema migrans differs between Borrelia

Authors:   Tijsse-Klasen E, Pandak N, Hengeveld P, Takumi K, Koopmans MP and Sprong H
Citation:   Parasit Vectors 2013(Jan); 6(1): 23.


This indicates that only a small subset of B. burgdorferi sl carried by ticks in the wild actually cause EM. Other genotypes either may be apathogenic for humans or may cause Lyme borreliosis without the typical first sign of infection.”

[CanLyme note: Recent case reports in Nova Scotia showed that only 18 % of children with confirmed Lyme Disease had any rash.]

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  1. I was in the 1000 Islands(Mallorytown ON) helping my friend bring the hay bales from the fields to the barn. Later I noticed a red rash on my chest near my armpit.
    I checked online and since the rash wasn’t a classic bulls eye rash and since it showed up the day after and not 3 days to 3 weeks later I took no notice of it. I thought it was a harmless spider or other insect bite.
    Six to seven weeks later when I was in China on a teaching contract I began experiencing symptoms synonymous with Lyme.
    Ten month later I returned to Canada and saw an infectious disease specialist who sent me for a Lyme serology – but it came back negative.
    Even after I showed the doctor a picture of my rash and described my symptoms, this doctor said that I did not have Lyme based on the negative serology.

    I want to have my blood tested for Lyme at IgeneX labs in the USA but my specialist said he won’t allow those results, because Canadian lab tests are accurate, and because in his words,”IgeneX labs are looking for positive results because it’s good for their business”.

    If I still go ahead and send my blood for testing to IgeneX will Ontario Health Care (OHIP) pay all or part of the cost? (I will pay for these tests myself if necessary.)
    Moreover if the tests are positive, is a Canadian doctor able to treat me based on a USA lab’s result?

    Any advice you can give me will be appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Craig Shrum

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