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Is multiple sclerosis (MS) a symptom of Lyme disease?

…. and why is there no current ongoing aggressive human pathology being done in Canada specific to looking for Lyme in patients diagnosed with MS considering that Canada has some of the highest per capita rates of MS in the world?

Lyme on the Brain (Part 3-A) Lecture Notes of Tom Grier Tomgrier2001@yahoo.com

MS and Spirochetes
In every Lyme disease support group in this country (and I have visited dozens), there have always been at least one multiple sclerosis, MS, patient who turned out to have Lyme disease, and was recovering on antibiotics. But if this is true why is there is no documented connection between spirochetes and M.S.? As it turns out there are more than 50 such MS-spirochete references prior to World War II and going back to as far as 1911, and published in such prestigious journals as the Lancet.

1911 Buzzard Spirochetes in MS Lancet

1913 Bullock MS Agent in Rabbits Lancet

1917 Steiner Spirochetes The Cause of MS Med Kiln

1918 Simmering Spirochetes in MS by Darkfield Micro

1918 Steiner G. Guinea Pig Inoculation with MS infectious agent from Human

1919 Steiner MS Agent Inoculation into Monkeys

1921 Gye F. MS Agent In Rabbits Brain 14:213

1922 Kaberlah MS Agent In Rabbits Deutch Med Works

1922 Sicard MS Spirochetes in Animal Model Rev Neurol

1922 Stepanopoulo Spirochetes in the CSF of MS Patients

1923 Shhlossman MS Agent in Animal Model Rev Neuro

1924 Blacklock MS Agent in Animals J. of Path and Bac

1927 Wilson The Rat as A Carrier of MS British Med Journal

1927 Steiner G Understanding the Pathogenesis of MS

1928 Steiner Spirochetes in the Human Brain of MS Patients

1933 Simons Spirochetes in the CSF of MS Patients

1939 Hassin Spirochete-like formations in MS

1948 Adams Spirochetes within the Ventricle Fluid of Monkeys Inoculated from Human MS

1952 Steiner Acute Plaques in MS and The Pathogenic Role of Spirochetes as the Etiological Factor Journal of Neuropathology and Exp      Med 11: No 4:343 1952

1954 Steiner Morphology of Spirochaeta Myelophthora (Myelin Loving) In MS Journal of Neuropathology and Exp Neurol 11:4 343

1957 Ichelson R. Cultivation of Spirochetes from Spinal Fluids of MS Cases with Negative Controls Procl. Soc. Exp. Biol Med 70:411

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