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1990 archive, MacLean’s magazine: A growing menace

[CanLyme Note: Here we are 30 years later since the formation of the Lyme Borreliosis Society of BC, later rolled into CanLyme, and our government funded agencies with their bureaucrats collude with private medical associations (IDSA, AMMI, CPS), pharma, and medical insurers to deny access to appropriate diagnosis and care to hundreds of thousands. Our…

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MacLean’s Magazine: Could Canada cause multiple sclerosis?

[CanLyme Note: Many decades of research, prior to MS being too simply labeled an ‘autoimmune’ disease, showed convincingly that spirochetal (spirochaetal) bacteria, like Lyme disease bacteria, played a significant role in the disease process.  Is all MS Lyme disease?  Likely not, but much of it may be a misdiagnosed, untreated, mistreated Lyme disease or other spirochetal…

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Health Canada’s new Lyme disease plan: You act, we’ll watch

Canada is under pressure to show leadership as Lyme spreads, but its ‘action plan’ shows it’s out of touch Anne Kingston July 30th, 2014 The term “litterbug” was popularized in the 1950s in public service announcements produced by Keep America Beautiful, a non-profit composed of government agencies, citizens, and corporations—Philip Morris, Anheuser-Busch and Coca-Cola, among them….