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Dog owners issued warning as deer ticks move into Calgary backyards

July 16th, 2018 Deer ticks no longer respect city limits. That was the word Monday from Dr. Wendy McLelland, a Calgary veterinarian, who delivered the advice that no matter how much of a city dweller you and your pet are, this may be the summer to engage in a pre-emptive strike against Lyme disease. Read full article

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June 30th, 2015 My family’s fight against Lyme disease is relatively new, but we learned quickly of the controversy surrounding Lyme Disease. Three months ago, my wife (Theresa) was bit by a tick in our backyard in Calgary, Alberta (Canada). At the time, we didn’t realize what we were dealing with. After a rapid decline…

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Calgary – CBC: Langevin Bridge will go green for Lyme awareness

Calgary’s Langevin Bridge will turn green Saturday night to raise awareness for Lyme disease. The first World Lyme Disease Day was held on May 11th and landmarks across Canada have been joining in on the awareness efforts by turning on green lights. The CN Tower went green last Saturday and Niagara Falls will go green…

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1993, Calgary Herald newspaper … Lyme disease victims tell their story

Lyme disease is not new to Canada, it has been around for centuries.  The finding that the Iceman, a 5000 yr old well preserved mummy found in the ice of the Alps, had Lyme disease tells us the Lyme bacteria has been around for millenia.  Just don’t tell that to your typical Infectious Disease doctors who…