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United States: Lyme Victory as Bill passes US House of Representatives

[CanLyme note: Congratulations to to the US House of Representatives for passing this important legislation. Years of hard work by Lyme disease advocates and dedicated representatives has moved the Lyme issue one step closer to taking the control away from the medical political, for-profit associated, bureaucrats and giving it back to pure scientists and patients.  Bill C-442 in Canada unanimously Continues →

Vermont passes bill into law that protects doctors who treat Lyme Disease appropriately without fear of persecution from their own licensing boards

[CanLyme note: Medical boards are very good at skirting these laws by going into a Lyme doctor’s practice on trumped-up complaints that make it look like Lyme disease was not the reason for the investigation.  It is now incumbant upon Lyme advocacy groups to monitor for this abuse of the medical profession’s privilege to self-police so that you can insure that, per-capita, Lyme Continues →