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Please join us… Buffalo Point, Manitoba proactive in Lyme awareness and fundraising.

The vibrant and scenic community of Buffalo Point, Manitoba, situated on the three borders of Manitoba, Ontario, and Minnesota has been a leader in raising awareness about Lyme disease for years.  They have been holding Lyme Walks each summer for the past 5 years and raising money for CanLyme (which helps us support young scientists across Canada who want to study aspects of tick-borne disease via our Venture Grants research program, as well as helps us with providing free information to Canadians with our brochures and handy tick identification cards. CanLyme is a nation-wide all volunteer organization with no paid staff.).

Accommodations are available.

This year they have added a fundraiser luncheon to be held on April 27, 2019.

Jim Wilson, the President of the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation will be giving a presentation with an always interesting question period. As well you will hear from people with Lyme disease tell their story.

Please attend, see below, call 204-437-2777 to reserve your meal  (chicken or beef, vegan and gluten free available)…

Buffalo Point, Manitoba Lyme disease fundraiser

Stay safe in the outdoors

Your support can change lives

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